Fairy Tattoo

Fairy Tattoos: Meanings, Tattoo Designs & More

The darkness behind tales of fairies.

What Does A Fairy Tattoo Mean? 

Fairies are a popular subject for tattoos, especially for women.

Fairies are enchanted beings that seem quite mysterious.

They escape the confines of reality.

Fairies can be helpful to the point of being saviors or they can be tricksters who play pranks on people.

People get fairy tattoos for countless reasons.

Not only are fairies beautiful creatures, but they symbolize the fact that magic may exist in the world, which is something that a lot of people would like to believe in.

Some people believe that a fairy tattoo is like having a guardian angel and that they bring good luck.

Fairies have a magical ability to help in life’s struggles.

Fairy tattoos may just have mystical powers themselves!

Today, fairy tattoos often represent child-like innocence and beauty.

They can also symbolize a certain feeling of “otherness” in the human world.

Let’s take a look at some of the deeper meanings behind specific types of fairy tattoos: 

Gothic Fairy Tattoos 

Some may be surprised to see a Gothic fairy tattoo, a unique take on the design.

Gothic fairy tattoos are sometimes images of evil characters or at other times beautiful female fairy characters with a dark and mysterious side.

When they are of a ‘bad’ fairy, gothic fairy tattoos are meant to ward off evil.

Gothic Fairy Tattoo

These tattoos have the fairy working on your side— to perhaps play tricks on other people.

When the gothic fairy is simply a female fairy with a goth-style persona, the tattoo means that you are a beautiful person with a hidden dark side.  

A Gothic fairy tattoo is a dark twist on this light and airy image, so it can represent a loss of innocence.

Celtic Fairy Tattoos 

Celtic tattoos are grounded in elements of nature.

The Celtic people believed that fairies were mystical beings with powers that they could use to trick you.

This tattoo means that you are connected to the Earth and that magical happenings may help you or hurt you depending on how well you behave. 

Disney Fairies Tattoos 

Disney has been capturing the imagination of everyone for about a century!

Disney fairy tattoos allow anyone to experience the magic of classic films, that is if you’re a huge Disney fan (like many people are).

Disney Fairies Tattoos 

Disney tattoos allow people to remember their childhood and love every bit of that Disney magic. 

Tinker Bell Tattoos 

Tinker Bell is a part of the traditional fairy folk who is often jealous and ill-tempered, however helps out Peter Pan in his shenanigans.

Tinker Bell Tattoo

Having a Tinker Bell tattoo means that you are someone who is temperamental but underneath your hard exterior, you have a heart to always help out others. 

Moon and Fairy Tattoos 

When a fairy tattoo is in a scene with a moon, it adds a magical spin to the tattoo.

If it’s a full moon, the tattoo means that you have someone, whether it be a fairy godmother or a God, looking out for you.

Moon Tattoo

If it’s a crescent moon, the tattoo means that you have magic in your bones and feel as though you possess powers. 

Pixie Tattoos 

Many people believe that Pixies actually exist!

Pixies are tiny creatures with a slightly human appearance, but they have pointed ears and other features that don’t quite line up with human expectations.

Pixie Tattoo

They are mischievous but mean no harm.

A pixie tattoo means that you have magic working in your favor and feel that a lot of spiritual energy is at play no matter where you are.

If you have this tattoo you are indeed a spiritual person. 

Firstly, if you’re going to get a pixie tattoo you should understand that not all human-like winged creatures are created alike!

Fairies are arguably more common in the tattoo world.

Fairies tend to be portrayed as tiny humans- usually female in appearance, with delicate wings and sometimes a magic wand.

Pixie Tattoo

Pixies are a little more mysterious and magical than fairies.

Pixies tend to be less similar to humans in appearance.

Someone who gets a pixie tattoo may see themselves as something of a trickster.

The style of your pixie tattoo is entirely up to you.

Some people may opt for something whimsical from an old storybook, while others may want something more modern.

It can also be a cool idea to take a popular style of tattooing, such as American traditional or tribal tattoo style, and make a pixie design from that style.

A pixie tattoo is so versatile, you can choose something that reflects your personality.

It can be as detailed or simple as you like, so you aren’t beholden to a certain size.

Angel Fairy Tattoos 

An angel fairy is like a fairy godmother watching over you and giving you advice.

To have one of these tattoos means that you believe that someone somewhere is watching over you.

Perhaps it is a loved one who has passed or a guardian angel.

Whoever it is, your life is being helped along by spiritual energy. 

Fairy Tattoos with Fairy Dust 

The fairy dust in this type of tattoo symbolizes the power of mysticism in everyday life.

Fairy Tattoo with Fairy Dust 

If you have this tattoo it means that you believe in the power of magic and feel as though it pulls you forward and helps you through life.

This tattoo is all about belief in magic! 

Fairy Wing Tattoos 

Having just the wings of a fairy tattooed onto your body symbolizes freedom.

Freedom itself is magical!

If you believe that freedom is one of the most important things in life, then this tattoo is for you.

Fairy Wing Tattoos 

It could also mean that you have been freed from something and it could symbolize the exhilaration of that feeling of being released. 

Fairy with Flower Tattoos 

This tattoo often has the fairy sitting on a flower or lost in a magical land of flowers and butterflies.

This tattoo is quite striking.

Fairy with Flower Tattoos

The beautiful tattoo design means that you value beauty and nature.

A fairy with a flower tattoo means that you think nature is magical and you love the feeling of wind brushing through your hair and the sun warming your face. 

Fairy Tattoo Ideas 

We’ve discussed many different types of fairy tattoos, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are some more great fairy tattoo ideas! 

Sitting Fairy Tattoo 

With a sitting fairy tattoo, the fairy tends to be sitting on a flower or a leaf.

She is one with nature and finds peace within her environment.

Sitting Fairy Tattoo 

This tattoo means that you believe in magic in nature and think that life is all about simple things. 

Simple Fairy Tattoo 

A simple fairy tattoo is a minimalistic depiction of a fairy that is basic and plain.

It emphasizes the basic meaning of the fairy tattoo, which is that magic is within all of us.

Simple Fairy Tattoo 

There is always a bit of magic happening in the world, whether you are spiritual or not this is the truth.

This tattoo proves that you believe this wholeheartedly. 

Silhouette Fairy Tattoo 

A silhouette fairy tattoo shows a fairy in simple black ink and sometimes their wings are designed in a bright color.

Silhouette Fairy Tattoo 

This tattoo means that you have great emptiness in your heart that is filled by your love for nature and love from your family and friends. 

Small Fairy Tattoo 

A small fairy tattoo is a small way of showing your belief in mischief.

Fairies always have tricks up their sleeves!

Small Fairy Tattoo

A small fairy tattoo means that you are someone who also has a lot of pranks to pull on people and enjoys being silly.

Someone who has this tattoo is not a very serious person, but instead, is a lot of fun. 

Sad Fairy Tattoo 

A sad fairy tattoo is a symbol of your own personal struggles in life.

Everyone has sadness in their hearts that they must deal with in their own way.

Sad Fairy Tattoo 

The sadness being represented by a fairy means that although you may be sad sometimes, you can always be lifted up by your spirituality. 

Watercolor Fairy Tattoo 

A watercolor fairy tattoo is colorful and beautiful, full of life and love.

A watercolor tattoo screams that you love life and enjoy every day that passes because of your spirituality.

Watercolor Fairy Tattoo 

This tattoo is for someone who is quirky and has interesting beliefs that may not be understood but are certainly helpful and full of goodness. 


Fairies are probably the most diverse subjects as far as tattoo designs go.

They can be cartoonish in nature, watercolor, or have an old-fashioned pen and ink tattoo style.

As you can see, fairy tattoos are all about spirituality and a little bit of magic.

If you have a fairy tattoo, there’s a good chance that you believe in a spiritual religion that guides you through life and brings you joy.

Fairy tattoos are fun and are meant to bring you happiness.

They are meant to lift your spirits! 


  • What Is The Best Placement For A Fairy Tattoo? 

The best placement for a fairy tattoo is on the hip because it is an enchanting spot that is feminine and beautiful. 

  • What Size To Go For When It Comes To A Fairy Tattoo? 

The best size for a fairy tattoo is a medium to small size because fairies themselves are small creatures, but you want to be able to fit enough details to make the tattoo unique. 

  • Can Guys Get Fairy Tattoos? 

Typically, guys do not get fairy tattoos. However, guys can get fairy tattoos in masculine colors if they believe in magic and mischief. 

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