Elephant Skull Tattoo

9 Best Elephant Skull Tattoo Designs

Elephant Skull Tattoos

Wise and enduring, the elephant stands tall in the animal kingdom. 

Its face shows a structure incomparable to any other living thing on Earth, with elegant curves and a distinctive trunk.

Baring all of its beauty, the elephant skull tattoo is a powerful image of all that makes them unique. 

Physically, your skin acts as a canvas for the elephant’s sharp tusks and a firm, curved head.

The curves of its skull translate perfectly onto the human body’s natural dips and curves.

There is good reason why many religions and cultures look to the elephant for wisdom.

The elephant skull is no different, and can be a reassuring design for many.

A side profile or face-on, the elephant skull is full of endless uniqueness.

The symbolism of the animal and its skull are another focus.

Historically, elephants are associated with luck, wealth and longevity (as they live long, full lives).

When depicted in its skull form though, the elephant and its connotations are reimagined.

Elephant Skull Tattoo Meanings

The most obvious meaning behind an elephant skull tattoo is mortality.

Skulls in general remind us of death and can therefore make us feel uneasy. 

However, the elephant skull tattoo is the very opposite of uneasy.

Having this tattooed represents your belief in life after death – in the afterlife.

All the features the elephant is known for remains intact (except maybe its trunk, which is made of muscle).

Its teeth, facial structure and tusks demonstrate how death cannot remove a mammal’s identity.

Rather, we carry the core of ourselves wherever we may go.


The mass of bone concentrated in a elephant’s skull is nothing short of strong.

Living long lives, elephants have been built to be resilient. 

A tattoo of their skull reveals the key to their resilience, in all its intricate shaping. 

Resilience can be emphasized in your elephant skull tattoo with a single needle design.

These are more minimalist in their actual lines but allow for minute detail which other tattoo techniques simply cannot achieve. 

In the natural world, elephants are gentle towards their children and family.

They can be seen alongside their herd and aim to look after one another.

Their resilience, in some way, is credited for their innate ability to look after.


Spirituality and faith are common themes thought synonymous with the elephant.

They are involved in religions as they provide luck and promise.

There is an element of fearlessness that comes alongside skull tattoos in general.

With the elephant skull tattoo, your spirituality is your strength.

Take pride in feeling connected to not just what lives, but what does not.

Connect your mind to the afterlife.

A elephant skull tattoo fits perfectly on limbs, due to its long, slender face.

From a statement piece on the side of the leg to a smaller design on your inner arm, your elephant skull is an extremely personal image you will feel connected to.


As mentioned earlier, elephants are dedicated to looking after their loved ones.

Family is a key part of their lives.

However, as with all beings, we have family that goes further back before our existence.

The elephant skull tattoo can represent a dedication to those ancestors who we never met, but thank for creating our existence. 

Similar to a memorial tattoo, elephant skull tattoos lay out the ancestry we all have.

Consequently, the elephant skull is a hugely universal design that all humans can feel some form of understanding towards.

If you are interested in the historical representation, why not think about how you can make your elephant skull vintage or rustic?

Maybe you can incorporate the tattoo with other objects which signify life, such as flowers, which keep alive the memory of those long gone.

Elephant Skull Tattoo Designs

Offering a wide range of interpretations, here are some elephant skull tattoo designs.

Work with color, texture and shade to achieve your own unique elephant skull.

Elephant Skull Tattoo
Elephant Skull Tattoo
Elephant Skull Tattoo
Elephant Skull Tattoo
Elephant Skull Tattoo
Elephant Skull Tattoo
Elephant Skull Tattoo
Elephant Skull Tattoo
Elephant Skull Tattoo

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