Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Meanings: The Power of Freedom

Eagle Tattoo Meanings

Tattoos of eagles represent a broad scope of nations and peoples, who all honor the eagle on their bodies for many different reasons.

It’s no wonder the eagle is on so many nations’ flags— what a powerful animal!

The eagle tattoo meanings can be summed up as:

  • Dominance in War
  • Freedom
  • Patriotism for Many Countries
  • Power

As eagles dominate their prey, so too do warriors and military leaders.

That’s probably why they choose the eagle to symbolize their dominance in war.

The eagle, flying high in the sky, is a symbol for many people of freedom.

An eagle tattoo can represent the need to be safe and secure in their adventures through life.

For so many countries, the eagle symbolizes the final reach and attainment of freedom through sacrifice.

Spread across multiple flags across the world, patriotism is a large component of eagle tattoos.

Power is a strong feeling that few of us feel in our lives.

An eagle tattoo can bring that emotion to life.

Eagle Tattoo Meanings in Different Cultures

Eagle tattoos are a national icon for many countries around the world.

The following are some of the cultural highlights for the significance of these amazing birds:

  • Native American Eagle Tattoo Meaning

Native Americans have historically views tattoos as spiritual symbols.

The Eagle is used for different meaningful purposes, depending on the tribe.

Overall, the eagle tribal tattoo meaning for Native Americans is protection and to show a great achievement.

  • Japanese Eagle Tattoo Meaning

Japanese style eagle tattoos represent strength and brute force.

Artists emphasize the talons of the eagle, sometimes even placing the eagle’s talons on a dragon’s body.

The eagle in Japanese tattoo style shows dominance since the eagle is a predator.

  • German Eagle Tattoo Meaning

The eagle, sometimes double headed, is a major symbol in Germany of pride in their nation as it is part of their coat of arms.

Therefore, a German eagle tattoo is often black and symbolizes being part of a nation and its history back to the Roman Empire.

Take caution, however, because the German eagle symbol in certain styles can be a Nazi symbol.

  • Mexican Eagle Tattoo Meaning

Besides having an eagle on their flag, there is more meaning to Mexican eagle tattoos than just patriotism.

The Mexican eagle tattoo symbolizes power over enemies, often shown with a snake in the eagle’s mouth.

  • Aztec Eagle Tattoo Meaning

The Aztecs famously predicted that they would know where to build a city if they saw an eagle eating a snake on top of a body of water.

Their mythical beliefs about eagles don’t stop there.

They believed the eagle represented all encompassing command.

The Aztec eagle tattoo symbolizes power, especially in times of war.

Aztec Eagle Tattoo

The Meanings of Different Eagle Tattoo Designs

From American traditional to tribal tattoos, eagle tattoo designs both are aesthetic and meaningful elements of choosing an eagle tattoo.

  • Bald Eagle Tattoo Meaning

To an American, a bald eagle tattoo symbolizes freedom from oppression, just as the bald eagle flies free across the landscape.

Done in color or black ink, it also means dignity along with respect.

Notably, the head of the bald eagle is white, which is representative of justice.

  • Black Eagle Tattoo Meaning

The black eagle tattoo can be done for multiple different nationalities.

It symbolizes freedom for many nations.

The eagle is a common meaningful tattoo for people of many different nations: it’s a national symbol or flag for countries such as Albania, Egypt, and Serbia.

  • American Traditional Eagle Tattoo Meaning

Like the bald eagle, the American traditional tattoo of an eagle is common for those in America who have served in the military, police officers, and highly patriotic citizens.

Its meaning, yet again, is pure freedom.

Not only does the American eagle mean freedom, it means battling and honors those who has been lost to the cause of freedom.

  • Tribal Eagle Tattoo Meaning

Tribal eagle tattoos are rooted in Aztec tradition.

These tribal tattoos are symbols of war and winning battles.  

Also, the Haida tribal tattoo, often done in red and black, symbolizes fierceness and leadership.

It comes from the Haida tribal group in North America known for their totem poles and who were heavily tattooed peoples.

They believed that a tattoo of an animal left part of their spirit; and they believed the spirit of the eagle represents courage to lead and not backing down from danger.

  • Philippine Eagle Tattoo Meaning

The Philippine eagle has long brown feathers and a shaggy crest.

They reside in the Philippines, and have a high-pitched call.

Philippine eagle tattoos are often in black showing their hairy crest and intimidating beak.

They represent power and dominance, just as the Philippine eagle has dominance over their prey.

  • Double-Headed Eagle Tattoo Meaning

The double-headed eagle tattoo has a rich history.

It is part of Greek Orthodox and some American churches, its symbolism dating back likely to the Byzantines.

For the Byzantines, the double-headed eagle represented power and royalty.

  • Snake & Eagle Tattoo Meaning

So, we’ve heard a lot about the eagle eating the snake in tattoos.

If your wondering what this is all about, it’s a natural example of the eagle’s power and dominance over its prey.

The snake and eagle tattoo can be a tribal tattoo or an American traditional, but there’s no question that it means control over the enemy.

  • Golden Eagle Tattoo Meaning

The golden eagle represents liberty and justice.

Often placed on the arm in black ink and sometimes a splash of color.

The golden eagle tattoo not only means liberty but also can mean a whole slew of other definitions of tattoos with the golden eagle; an eagle sitting in a cave means a lonely warrior.


The eagle is important for so many people that it’s no wonder it’s a common tattoo.

Eagle tattoos never go out of style because they are cultural symbols of freedom and justice— two concepts that hold nations and society together.

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