Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tattoos: A Guide to One-of-a-Kind Tattoos

What Do Cherry Blossom Tattoos Mean?

Cherry blossom tattoos symbolize many positive messages such as love, beauty, and new beginnings.

Many of these themes come from Japanese and Chinese meanings.

Cherry blossom tattoos often symbolize sensual freedom or can be received in honor of a loved one who has passed.

There are also some Buddhist meanings of the cherry blossom, which is that life is fleeting.

This meaning comes from the fact that cherry blossoms bloom for only a short amount of time, and the result is flower petals all over the ground, knocked over by wind and rain.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The cherry blossom tattoo, therefore, symbolizes how life is exquisitely beautiful but only lasts for a while before it ends.

These many deep and powerful meanings of cherry blossom tattoos are carried with you with this tattoo.

The meaning that you choose for your cherry blossom tattoo to represent depends on the design and style, as well as your personal relationship to the tattoo. 

  • Blue Cherry Blossom Tattoos 

It is surprising that blue cherry blossom tattoos are not more popular, because they are simply enchanting.

Their meaning is that beauty comes in all different colors, shapes, and sizes and that no matter what you are beautiful in your creator’s eyes.

Blue Cherry Blossom Tattoo

You may have unusual features or be somewhat quirky in personality, but this tattoo serves to remember that everyone is special in their own way and that’s what makes them so rare and valuable. 

  • White Cherry Blossom Tattoos 

White cherry blossom tattoos refer to meanings of purity and are often taken in a religious context.

These tattoos mean that you are proud to be faithful to your spirituality or beliefs.

They also mean that although life is fleeting, there is something after this life that we build our whole lives towards. 

  • Pink Cherry Blossom Tattoos 

Pink cherry blossom tattoos are the most common color of cherry blossom tattoos because they are usually found to be pink in nature.

They symbolize rebirth and, just like the seasons, they symbolize how everything in life comes full circle.

Surprisingly, this type of tattoo is not just for women.

Many men get pink cherry blossom tattoos in a Japanese style as a sleeve tattoo or on the calf. 

  • Red Cherry Blossom Tattoos 

Red cherry blossom tattoos are fiery and passionate symbols of love and romance.

These tattoos refer to openness for love and compassion.

Red Cherry Blossom Tattoo

You may want to get a red cherry blossom tattoo for your partner to represent the love you share with each other.

This may be due to the fact that the color red is a common symbol of love and sensuality. 

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meaning in Japanese Tattoos 

The cherry blossom in Japanese is called sakura and is an important symbol in Japanese culture.

Within Japanese-style tattoos, the cherry blossom can be a main feature or part of the background of a larger tattoo, adding symbolism along with other tattoo imagery.

One meaning of cherry blossoms in Japanese tattoos is new beginnings.

Many people get a cherry blossom tattoo to mark the start of something new happening in their lives.

Another meaning is the fragility of life.

The Japanese believe that the cherry blossom represents how quickly life moves on and the overall life cycle of things.

A last important meaning of cherry blossoms in Japanese tattoos is beauty.

The cherry blossom in Japan is revered for its outstanding beauty, and so many people get this tattoo to add aesthetically pleasing imagery to their bodies and to represent how wonderful the world is that we live in. 

Dragon and Cherry Blossom Tattoos 

When a dragon is surrounded by cherry blossom petals or branches in a tattoo, it symbolizes how although life is fleeting, it is meant to gain wisdom and achieve a sense of greater being.

Dragon and Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The dragon tattoo also adds the meaning of good luck to the mix, providing anyone who has this tattoo with good luck in life as well as beauty and prosperity. 

Samurai and Cherry Blossom Tattoos 

The cherry blossom and the Samurai in tattoos represent wealth and prosperity.

The Samurai tattoo represents strength and virtue which will ultimately bring prosperity in life.

Samurai and Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The cherry blossom tattoo symbolizes life itself, and how fleeting it is.

That’s why this tattoo truly is a symbol representing how being a good person will bring fortune and the opportunity to succeed and become a prominent person in society. 

Katana Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

The katana is a Japanese Samurai sword that symbolizes strength, power, and courage.

In some tattoos, there are cherry blossom branches wrapped around the katana.

Katana Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

These tattoos are a symbol of wanting to achieve as much wisdom in life as possible.

Also, a katana tattoo with cherry blossom tattoos means that you will succeed in life and be prosperous

Koi Fish Tattoos and Cherry Blossom

A koi fish tattoo can symbolize passionate romance, which coincides with the cherry blossoms meaning of sensual freedom.

Koi Fish Tattoos and Cherry Blossom

The two together mean that you love to love— you are a kind-hearted soul who simply wants to live life to the fullest and be free to pursue romance however you wish.

This tattoo symbolizes freedom to love whoever you want, even if it’s against other people’s opinions. 

Tiger and Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

Many people do not know that, in fact, one of the main symbolisms of tiger tattoos is beauty.

These enormous creatures, full of ferocity and danger, are somehow strikingly beautiful.

Tiger and Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

In tattoos where tigers are adorned with equally beautiful cherry blossoms, the tattoo represents the need for aestheticism in life and shows your appreciation for nature. 

Butterfly and Cherry Blossom Tattoos 

When butterflies and cherry blossoms are put together in a tattoo, they symbolize rebirth and transformation.

Butterfly and Cherry Blossom Tattoos 

These two gifts of nature have fleeting lives, and so represent how quickly the life cycle is of all living things.

Cherry blossoms with a butterfly tattoo are meant to show your appreciation for life and is there for you to remember not to waste a single day. 

Cherry Blossom Tattoo with Name 

Some people choose to decorate their cherry blossom tattoo with their name, which is a great gift to give to yourself.

That’s because this tattoo means that you are beautiful and that you promise to always love yourself.

It is important to have positive self-talk, and this tattoo is like an agreement to always be caring about your inner thoughts. 

Hummingbird and Cherry Blossom Tattoos 

There are two main meanings of hummingbird and cherry blossom tattoos.

The first is freedom, referring to your own ability to make decisions for yourself without relying on others.

Hummingbird and Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The second is rebirth and revitalization.

The cherry blossom goes through seasons of rebirth constantly, and the hummingbird tattoo itself is a symbol of transformation.

Therefore, this tattoo can also symbolize new beginnings and cycles you have experienced in your life. 

Cherry Blossoms Branch Tattoo 

When a cherry blossom tattoo features a branch, it is referring to how there is strength in beauty.

A branch is powerful and holds the petals all together and attaches them to the tree.

Cherry Blossoms Branch Tattoo 

There is a calm beauty in strength, and holding one’s own is both important and revolutionary.

This kind of tattoo is like an ode to self— it’s a way of saying that you will try to put yourself first and use proper self-care. 

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo 

A cherry blossom tree tattoo represents the cherry blossom as a whole, with its petals, branches, and foundational trunk.

This means that it is using its place in nature to symbolize rebirth.

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

Although the cherry blossom’s petals fall off quite quickly, the trunk and branches stay and keep the tree going for many years.

If you have this tattoo, you are making a statement that no matter how many times you have to start over your foundation will always keep you intact. 

Rose and Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

The rose tattoo is known to symbolize love and romance.

Rose and Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

Added to the cherry blossom, the two together symbolize passionate love and intense romance, and connection between you and your partner.

This tattoo makes a great gift to prove your love to your partner and show them that you believe the spark of your romance can stand the test of time. 

Tattoo Styles 

Thinking about a cherry blossom tattoo, but not sure which style to pick?

Choose wisely, because the style of a cherry blossom tattoo can affect its meaning.

Here are some different tattoo styles of cherry blossoms that are popular and used widely by tattoo artists all over the world. 

Realistic Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

A realistic cherry blossom tattoo typically shows a few nicely arranged petals or a long branch adorned with petals.

Realistic Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Either or, this captivating style of tattoo represents the real lifecycle of the cherry blossom.

In other words, this type of tattoo refers to the symbolic meaning of rebirth and starting fresh with a new phase in life.  

American Traditional Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

American traditional cherry blossom tattoos typically refer to the cherry blossom’s meaning of appreciation of beauty.

This especially refers to appreciating beauty in nature.

This is because the American traditional tattoo style of cherry blossoms focuses greatly on the look of the flower and emphasizes its grace and beauty. 

Tebori Cherry Blossom

The Tebori style is a traditional style of Japanese tattoo artistry that uses special tools and must be performed by certain artists.


When a cherry blossom tattoo is done in the Tebori style, it refers to the cherry blossom’s meaning in a Japanese context.

This tattoo often symbolizes fleeting beauty or new beginnings. 

Watercolor Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

A cherry blossom done in the watercolor tattoo style highlights the cherry blossom’s meaning of finding beauty in all things.

Watercolor Tattoo 

Even when life becomes unpleasant, this tattoo is a good reminder to find the positivity in it and to look on the bright side. 

Minimalist Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

Minimalist cherry blossom tattoos are often tiny tattoos that have a basic structure and are absolutely gorgeous.

Minimalist Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

This style of cherry blossom tattoo means that you are someone who always can find the hidden beauty in things, or in other words, the silver lining.

This tattoo symbolizes that you are able to find something positive to say about everybody and that you a proud to be that kind of person. 

Black and Grey Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

One could wonder why someone would want to get a cherry blossom tattoo without any color!

Black and Grey Cherry Blossom Tattoo

However, this style of cherry blossom tattoo is actually quite interesting because they refer to the death of the cherry blossom and therefore the end of its lifecycle.

The great thing about the cherry blossom is that its petals come back, but this tattoo style symbolizes how even such a good thing as a beautiful cherry blossom’s life must end. 

Tattoo Placement 

The cool thing about cherry blossom tattoos is that they are highly versatile.

Branches and petals tattoos are able to be moved into practically any shape and size.

Let’s take a look at the many different placements for cherry blossom tattoos and what they mean: 

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Sleeve 

Cherry blossom tattoo sleeves often are accompanied by other Japanese imagery or Japanese symbols.

Cherry Blossom Sleeve 

When the cherry blossom is alone in a sleeve, it is usually a large branch with other sprouting branches coming off of it filled with petals.

This tattoo placement means that you are someone who appreciates the finer things in life and looks for beauty in nature and in people. 

Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo

A cherry blossom shoulder tattoo is a highly feminine placement and refers to romance.

Shoulder Tattoo

This tattoo placement is all about love and intimacy with whoever you choose to be the one you want to spend your time with.

The cherry blossom is a very romantic kind of tattoo, and the shoulder is an intimate position. 

Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Back 

Cherry blossom tattoos on the back tend to be large, with branches flowing across from the top of the shoulder to the lower back.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Back 

These tattoos symbolize natural beauty at its finest!

They represent how beautiful the world we live in is.

They also have the power to increase your own beauty by adding charm and style to your body. 

Cherry Blossom Forearm Tattoo 

Cherry blossom forearm tattoos are highly popular and tend to have a meaning that is more centered on rebirth than simply beauty.

Forearm Tattoo 

In fact, when a cherry blossom tattoo is on the forearm is shows that you hold that tattoo in a place of significance.

Cherry Blossom Forearm Tattoo 

That significant meaning is that you have made a decision to start fresh in life or even start over with a totally new beginning. 

Cherry Blossom Wrist Tattoo

A cherry blossom wrist tattoo is another placement that is of great significance.

The wrist is where women place perfume and wear bracelets— it’s a highly feminine area.

Cherry Blossom Wrist Tattoo

This placement of a cherry blossom tattoo means that you value aesthetics and getting dressed up every day is important to you.

In a way, this tattoo is part of how you dress up every day with such a wonderful embellishment on your body. 

Cherry Blossom Spine Tattoo 

A cherry blossom spine tattoo is highly decorative and shows that you value the beauty in life.

This tattoo also means that you are someone who is a romantic at heart and that you wear your heart on your sleeve. 

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Behind The Ear 

Typically, a cherry blossom tattoo behind the ear is just a few branches with a simple design.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Behind The Ear 

This tattoo is more likely for a woman and means that you enjoy being feminine.

The cherry blossom signifies that you value a feminine kind of beauty and seek out aesthetics in your everyday life. 

Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Foot 

A cherry blossom tattoo on the foot can be quite striking and makes the foot look extremely good.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Foot 

Not only is this a beautiful tattoo, but it has meaning.

It represents a new lease on life, a brand new beginning, and starting fresh


As we’ve discussed, there are many different meanings of a cherry blossom tattoo which all depend on the design and style.

There’s nothing like a beautiful flower to make someone’s day, and when you have such a flower tattoo on your body its wonder will last a lifetime.

Perhaps the most important meaning of a cherry blossom tattoo is that it represents the seasons of our lives.

We’ve all experienced change because life is changing.

But to have a tattoo representing this and reminding us of the fact that life will never stay the same is something that is extremely important.

No matter what your cherry blossom tattoo means to you, it is a simple and beautiful tattoo for anyone to enjoy. 


  • How much would a cherry blossom tattoo cost? 

A cherry blossom tattoo would cost anywhere from $70, upwards of $150. 

  • What do cherry blossoms mean in Japanese tattoos? 

Japanese-style cherry blossom tattoos mean new beginnings and beauty. 

  • What does a cherry blossom tattoo mean? 

A cherry blossom tattoo has many meanings, including love and romance, new beginnings, change, and beauty. 

  • Are cherry blossom tattoos cultural appropriation? 

No, cherry blossoms are a flower with meaning in more than one culture and context.  

  • Are cherry blossom tattoos cliché? 

Cherry blossom tattoos will never go out of style or become cliché because they are classically beautiful. 

  • What goes with a cherry blossom tattoo? 

Japanese-style waves, tigers, roses, hummingbirds, butterflies, and koi fish are just some of the symbols that pair well with cherry blossoms in tattoos. 

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