Celtic Cross Tattoo

Celtic Cross Tattoos and Their Meanings

Celtic Cross Tattoos

Everyone knows that the Celtic cross tattoo has a lot to do with Christianity.

What people may not realize is how much this tattoo has to do with anthropology– the Celtic people have a long history which is celebrated by this tattoo.

Not to mention, the Celtic cross tattoo is practically made for someone who is proud of their Irish heritage.

Celtic Cross Tattoo

However, there are other meanings that are religious in nature and even spiritual.

Not only is this tattoo fit for a Christian, but the Celtic knots also have spiritual meanings for many people that are complex and highly meaningful.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular designs of Celtic cross tattoos, their meanings, and find out who really gets this kind of tattoo.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs

Without a doubt, there are a lot of ways to design a cross tattoo– and this includes a Celtic-themed tattoo.

There are essentially two areas to work with: the inside of the cross and the background are the main thoughts when it comes to designing this kind of tattoo.

Simple Celtic Cross Tattoo

The inside is often elaborately inlaid with a pattern such as Celtic knots, while the outside of the cross is usually more simple, often involving the inner circle of the cross laid out in the background.

Here are some popular Celtic cross designs and their meanings:

Embellished Celtic Cross Tattoos

Many choose to receive an embellished Celtic cross tattoo, or essentially a tattoo where the cross is inlaid with some sort of ornate details such as a pattern with important Irish or Christian symbolism.

Depending on the pattern, the details in the cross may display an important flare for heritage or may show strong faith in Christianity.

Celtic Cross Tattoo

If aiming for an Irish twist, using green and yellow for the pattern makes a larger statement.

This type of tattoo means that you are extremely proud of your Irish heritage and consider it an important part of yourself.

Celtic Cross with Celtic Knots Tattoos

Sometimes, the ornate patterns discussed below are Celtic knots.

Now there are many different types of Celtic knots.

However, each one shares the commonality that there is no end and no beginning, and therefore they represent infinity.

They also symbolize loyalty in friendship and in your love life, because the Celtic knots can represent your ultimate dedication to that person.

Celtic Cross Tattoo
Celtic Cross Tattoo
Celtic Cross Tattoo
Celtic Cross Tattoo

They can also mean faith, which is also forever and everlasting.

This kind of tattoo is great for someone who has been reborn with Christ or wants to truly dedicate themselves to Christianity through a tattoo.

In a spiritual way, this design can symbolize the total circle of life itself and its movement around the universe.

This belief may also be captured through the infinite idea of the Celtic cross.

Shamrock Celtic Cross Tattoos

This is a big one for the Irish.

Many Celtic cross tattoos have shamrocks as the center of the circle part of the tattoo joining the cross together.

Some designs even place shamrock tattoos on the ends of the cross for decoration.

Shamrock Celtic Cross Tattoo

This tattoo design means that you want to show off your heritage in a big way and celebrate your ancestors.

It represents comradery for your fellow Irish friends and family members and loyalty towards them.

Tribal Celtic Cross Tattoo

Another great design of the Celtic cross tattoo is a tribal one that is completely in black ink.

This type of tattoo is simple in design, often with thick black lines holding basic Celtic knots.

Tribal Celtic Cross Tattoo

This tattoo can symbolize the ancient Celts themselves rather than how we think of Celtics in modern-day culture.

In other words, this design magnifies the tattoo’s ancient meanings of infinity and loyalty throughout all.

The simplicity of this type of tattoo also allows for a Christian view that the design means everlasting peace through God and faith forever in him.

Summing Up

The conclusion is that, for the most part, we’ll leave this tattoo to the Irish and to the Christians– and especially to those who are both.

Sure, there’s those who strongly want a Celtic tattoo for the purpose of celebrating the ancient civilizations who created the Celtic cross, or those who receive one to celebrate one’s spirituality.

Celtic Cross Tattoo

There are some great designs for those types of tattoos.

However, for the most part, this is a tattoo for someone with great Irish heritage or for anyone Christian who wants to display their faith and show their commitment to their religion with a tattoo.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how these meanings relate to your life.

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