Butterfly Tattoos

12 Celebrities With Butterfly Tattoos

Can you Guess Which One of Your Favorite Celebrities Has a Butterfly Tattoo?

No need to guess, we are here to tell you all about which celebrities we know have butterfly tattoos.

Interestingly, there are a lot of celebrities who chose butterflies for one of their tattoos, and this may just inspire you to get one of your own.

  • Why do so many celebrities have butterfly tattoos?

Perhaps it is because, in general, these tattoos are highly popular and refer to beauty, which is very important to a celebrity.

Before we look at which celebrities have these tattoos, let’s take a refresher on what butterfly tattoos mean:

What Do Butterfly Tattoos Mean, Anyways?

Butterfly tattoos are highly symbolic.

They symbolize beauty because of their pretty wings and therefore are for someone who values aesthetics, considering beauty to be an important part of life.

For a celebrity, people love them more often than not because of their beauty.

Therefore, a celebrity may want to get this tattoo to celebrate their own popularity relating to their beauty.

Another meaning of butterfly tattoos is rebirth or transformation.

Butterflies aren’t born with their beautiful wings.

Their life cycle of being a caterpillar and a butterfly, later on, makes a great transformation.

Butterflies are interesting and represent the cycles of life.

Butterfly tattoos can mean that you believe in reincarnation.

They also can mean that you appreciate the cycles in nature.

For a celebrity, this is a personal type of tattoo that is about the inner part of their life which is not often shared with the public.

Another important meaning of butterfly tattoos is freedom.

Butterflies fly around and do as they please.

Butterfly tattoos represent someone who is highly independent and is free-spirited.

If you have this tattoo, it could very well represent your appreciation for freedom or your wish to be freer.

Celebrities are confined in many ways because they can’t even go to the grocery store without people taking pictures of them.

They wish to have the freedom to leave their house without the paparazzi following them.

Perhaps this reason is why so many celebrities have butterfly tattoos.

Now that we’ve refreshed our memory on what butterfly tattoos mean, let’s take a look at the many celebrities that have butterfly tattoos:

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is known for being a leader in fashion for the androgynous movement.

Since butterfly tattoos are a touch on the feminine side, this tattoo fits well with his public persona.

Since butterfly tattoos symbolize beauty, he may have received this tattoo in order to represent his obsession with aesthetics.

This tattoo could also symbolize for him his transformation in his career from being in a boy band to becoming independent and going off on his own.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

These two lovebirds have matching butterfly tattoos that undoubtedly symbolize love and romance.

These matching tattoos also symbolize that they view each other as incredibly beautiful and are highly attracted to each other.

As for their relationship, the two have been off and on for some time.

As of December of this year, Travis and Kylie are in a strong relationship, so I guess the butterfly tattoos worked in connecting them together with a strong love that is standing the test of time.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Crey is famous for good reason.

She is an amazing singer and a household name all around the world.

Her butterfly tattoo on her lower back apparently is a regret of hers, but its silvery glimmer shouldn’t be shunned because it is unique and cool.

The reason for her regrets is that she received the tattoo because it symbolizes her love for Nick Cannon.

The two split in August 2014 and are now divorced.

Hopefully, she can view her butterfly tattoo in a new light, such as symbolizing her transformation from her relationship with Nick to a new life that will be beautiful and full of happiness.

Shawn Mendes

Known for popular songs such as “Stitches,” and “Something Big,” Shawn Mendes is yet another star with a butterfly tattoo.

His butterfly tattoo is rather large, so it is clear that he is very proud of it.

Shawn’s butterfly tattoo is on his upper arm, facing forward.

This butterfly tattoo placement symbolizes freedom.

Shawn may or may not have been aware when he was receiving this tattoo of the fact that it means that you value freedom in life above all else.

Britney Spears

For those of you who don’t know what has been happening to Britney, she was under complete financial and medical control by her father and had no rights of her own.

Recently, she regained control over her business and the rest of her life.

Although her butterfly tattoo is old, in a way it has taken a new meaning.

It may very well now symbolize to her the freedom that she has regained in her life.

It could also refer to her transformation in life as her career has gone through many defining changes.

Janel Parish

One of the stars of Pretty Little Liars, Janel Parish has a butterfly tattoo on her left wrist.

A butterfly tattoo on the wrist symbolizes beauty and transformation.

Janel may have received this tattoo because of its representation of a love of beauty in both people and nature.

Or, she may have wanted this tattoo because she was going through some sort of transformational stage of her life that she wanted to remember.

Whatever reason she had for getting this butterfly tattoo, it looks great and certainly adds to her sense of style.

Vanessa Hudgens

Best known for being the star of High School Musical among other things, Vanessa Hudgens is most certainly a star.

She has a rather large butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck.

This is an interesting placement because one can only see her tattoo if her hair is up.

This butterfly tattoo placement means that she has a hidden beauty, one that is on the inside rather than out.

It means that she is a beautiful person who is generous and even-tempered.

Of course, we are basing this off of the tattoo’s meaning— most of us have not met her.

However, I’m sure she is a fine person whose personality lines up with many of the aspects of her tattoo.

Noah Cyrus

Surprisingly, Noah Cyrus, the singer, and sister to Miley Cyrus, and has more than one butterfly tattoo.

She must really love butterflies!

She is known to have one large orange butterfly between her left wrist and forearm, and a larger one in black ink which takes up most of the top of her left hand.

These add to a collection of her many tattoos all over her body.

An orange butterfly tattoo represents happiness and good luck.

The fact that the tattoo is large and on her arm means that she is someone who is genuinely happy most of the time and who tries to brighten other peoples’ spirits.

The black ink one on her hand symbolizes that death and the loss of loved ones is a part of life.

It is a quite morbid tattoo, which is the complete opposite of her other butterfly tattoo and which evens everything out.

Lea Michelle

Lea Michelle is another celebrity with multiple butterfly tattoos– they must be popular among celebrities!

On the side of her right foot, she has three blue butterflies outlined with a darker shade of blue.

Blue butterfly tattoos are one of the most common types of butterfly tattoos.

They are good luck charms as well as representing happiness.

These three butterflies could mean that Lea has a carefree spirit and is a positive person.

On the right side of her lower back, Lea has yet another butterfly tattoo.

This butterfly tattoo is blue and is outlined in black ink. She must have received this tattoo as a good luck charm!


Halsey has many tattoos, and one of them just happens to be a butterfly tattoo.

Famous for songs such as “Without Me” and “forget me too,” she has risen in popularity to become a well-known celebrity.

Her butterfly tattoo is in black ink with details on the wings and is on her right forearm.

This specific butterfly tattoo refers to impermanency, or in other words, how things get destroyed and come to an end through changes.

It’s a philosophical concept that essentially means that life is changing.

Drew Barrymore

Everyone loves Drew Barrymore, and Drew Barrymore loves butterflies– not.

Well, we don’t know why, but she actually removed her butterfly tattoo, which was underneath her belly button, along with her other tattoos.

Her butterfly tattoo was highly detailed and light blue with a dark blue outline.

As we’ve discussed, those with blue butterfly tattoos have a carefree attitude and they represent hope and happiness.

The placement below the belly button means that you also have an adventurous personality and have a love for life.

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer is a celebrity who hosted the 2020 MTV Music Awards and has won an Emmy among countless other nominations.

Her butterfly tattoos are part of a large piece on the side of her body outlined in black ink with a touch of blue.

The butterflies are surrounded by daisy tattoos and other flower tattoos.

This tattoo symbolizes happiness.

It means that she will have good luck brought to her throughout her life as long as she keeps up that smile.

The butterfly part of the large tattoo symbolizes hope and joy.

Did You Guess Right?

If you’re starting to feel like a butterfly tattoo is for you, you’ll be in good company!

Many of our favorite celebrities have chosen this winged creature as their familiar.

There are countless other celebrities with butterfly tattoos, but we have shown you the types of celebrities that you would find on the cover of People Magazine.

These highly popular celebrities all have (or used to have) butterfly tattoos undoubtedly because they are beautiful and meaningful tattoos.

Why do so many celebrities have butterfly tattoos?

The reasoning for this is that it’s not just celebrities that have butterfly tattoos.

Celebrities just happen to get more tattoos in general, and many people who have a lot of tattoos get butterflies because of their beauty and great symbolism.

After all this popularity, perhaps you will now get a butterfly tattoo!

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