Blue Marlin Tattoo

Blue Marlin Tattoo Ideas & Meanings

An attainable design of an unattainable creature.

Blue Marlin Tattoo

One of the most popular themes when it comes to tattooing is the sea.

Maritime imagery pops up in many tattoo designs.

This may include waves, boats, mermaids, or existing sea creatures.

We owe this to the history of tattooing.

For centuries tattoos have been a popular way to commemorate a time or person in your life, celebrate an accomplishment, or pay homage to someone you love.

The oldest communities known for tattoo artistry are often Island people- such as the Polynesian tattoo or Dayak tattoo artists.

Sailors would often get tattoos while staying on different islands, hence the widespread popularity of Maritime imagery in tattoos.

These “traditional”, “sailor” or American traditional tattoos have been immortalized by the likes of Sailor Jerry and, later, Ed Hardy.

The Blue Marlin

One of the key players in Maritime tattoos is the Marlin, specifically the Blue Marlin.

While this tattoo may not be the most common, it is well known among tattoo artists and tattoo collectors.

As far as fish go, the Blue Marlin is pretty legendary.

At up to 14 feet long and nearly 2000 lbs, Blue Marlin are some of the biggest fish in the world.

It’s no surprise that tattoo artists are inspired by the Blue Marlin.

They have an incredibly striking and recognizable aesthetic.

A Blue Marlin has a silvery white underbelly with a cobalt blue top.

They have a shark-like dorsal fin and an intimidating, knife-like upper jaw.

Blue Marlins can swim at impressive speeds so they don’t have many predators.

You may be starting to see why sailors may have wanted to get Blue Marlin tattoos.

Blue Marlin Tattoo Meaning

The Blue Marlin tattoo is a symbol of power, strength, and endurance.

There are two ways to view the Blue Marlin, as the fisher or the fish.

As the fish, you may want to celebrate your strength, endurance, and cunning.

Blue Marlins are notorious for being difficult to catch, which makes them a popular target for recreational fishers.

They can be a powerful symbol of protection because of their ability to outfox fishers and other sea creatures.

As the fisher, you may get a Blue Marlin tattoo to celebrate your ability to achieve impossible dreams.

You are ambitious, you go after what few will dare to try.

You persevere against all odds because to you, the end result is worth it.

Blue Marlin Symbolism in Literature

These fancy fish are mentioned in a few pop culture works, most notably the classic novel “The Old Man and the Sea.”

If it’s been a while since you studied the novel, let’s have a brief refresh.

The protagonist in the book, Santiago, has a Blue Marlin on his line for a few days.

The fish is so strong, in fact, it is pulling his boat along.

When Santiago tries to reel in the fish, its pull on the line is so intense that it injures Santiago’s hands.

Locked at the moment with the Blue Marlin, Santiago realizes they are both hell bent on survival.

Even though at this moment they are predator and prey, they are in this moment opposite ends of the same coin.

The Blue Marlin can be a symbol of the struggle between humankind and nature- trying to coexist while sometimes being in direct competition.

Common Themes

Blue Marlin are often depicted on tattoo designs in one of a few ways:

A Leaping Blue Marlin

Because Blue Marlin’s incredible size and strength, many people want to depict it in action.

Tattoo designs will often feature a Blue marlin leaping out of the water, sometimes twisting in the air.

A Silhouette Against the Sun

Thanks to that spear shaped jaw and intimidating dorsal fin, this fish has an unforgettable shape.

To bring out the beauty of the lines in this fish, many tattoo artists will draw it silhouetted against the sun.

Sunsets are a powerful image in nautical tattoos because often sailors would use the color of the sky as a guide, or warning of upcoming storms.

Dueling Blue Marlins

One word that comes up a lot when discussing the Blue Marlin is power.

The untameable, wild power of a Blue Marlin is what draws many people to get Blue Marlin tattoos.

Showing these creatures locked in battle is an excellent way to pay homage to their strength.

Blue Marlin Tattoo Ideas

The Blue Marlin tattoo is a lovely, versatile image.

It lends itself to any tattoo style and can have so many different meanings.

If you’re a lover of the sea and looking for something unique yet classic, you may have found your perfect match.

Looking for some images to send your tattoo artist?

Look no further, we’ve created a beautiful gallery full of Blue Marlin tattoos for your perusal.

Blue Marlin Tattoo
Marlin Tattoo
Marlin Tattoo
Marlin Tattoo
Blue Marlin Tattoo
Blue Marlin Tattoo
Blue Marlin Tattoo
Blue Marlin Tattoo
Marlin Tattoo

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