3D Butterfly Tattoo

20+ 3D Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

3D Butterfly Tattoos

While many tattoos designs are popular for a short time, butterfly tattoos have stayed relevant for years.

From small size patterns to large and colorful designs, butterflies can be found in almost every size and color imaginable.

3D Butterfly Tattoos on Shoulder

One of the most popular butterfly tattoo style is the hyper-realistic style with a 3D effect – it looks like the butterflies are about to fly off your skin!

Often confused with realistic tattoos, the 3D tattoos use dark shadows and highlights which creates a stark contrast, providing the illusion of 3D.

3D Butterfly Tattoo

In 3D butterfly tattoos, the black ink is applied to the areas that need to be shaded, which is underneath the wings of the butterfly, while the white ink is used for highlighting the wings.

This creates a spectacular effect when done correctly.

3D Butterfly Tattoos

The colors of butterfly tattoos vary according to taste and preference, as well as other factors such as the color of the skin that they’re being placed on.

Tiny 3D Butterfly Tattoo

Some commonly used butterfly tattoo colors include blue, red and pink.

Blue 3D Butterfly Tattoos

Blue butterfly tattoos are a popular choice for their visually stunning appearance and the meaning behind them.

Blue 3D Butterfly Tattoo

Because it’s one of the first butterflies to show in spring, the blue butterfly symbolizes new beginnings.

Blue 3D Butterfly Tattoo

They can represent hope and happiness, while also representing positive life changes.

Blue 3D Butterfly Tattoo

In Japan, people believe that seeing a blue butterfly in the spring predicts they’ll have a healthy and prosperous year.

Blue 3D Butterfly Tattoo

Blue butterfly tattoos are emblematic of a free spirit that can’t be caged — they’re a symbol of freedom and the child-like wonder that accompanies it.

Blue 3D Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are symbols of change and transformation, which means you’ll always be on your toes and ready for anything.

Pink 3D Butterfly Tattoos

A pink butterfly tattoo often associated with femininity and its connotations.

Pink 3D Butterfly Tattoo

It can symbolize the youthful joy and excitement of a new relationship.

Pink 3D Butterfly Tattoo

This lighthearted tattoo is as beautiful as it is meaningful, so if you’re searching for a symbol that will bring good vibes to your life, look no further than this gorgeous little piece.

Red 3D Butterfly Tattoos

In some cultures, seeing a red butterfly is considered a sign of good fortune, and some think that seeing one means you’re in danger.

Red 3D Butterfly Tattoo

However, a red butterfly tattoo can also represent passion, love and romance.

Red 3D Butterfly Tattoo

Whether it’s a passionate affirmation of love or a powerful symbol of danger, the red butterfly tattoo, a striking combination of ink and color, is a true display of beauty.

Red 3D Butterfly Tattoo

Purple 3D Butterfly Tattoos

The purple butterfly is used by hospital staff to show solidarity with patients who suffered from a lengthy illness.

Purple 3D Butterfly Tattoo

The purple butterfly tattoo can show that you’re resilient and strong despite your illness, as well as gain support from others with the same condition.

Purple 3D Butterfly Tattoo

On the other hand, purple is a color that brings with it a sense of elegance and grace, associated with nobility and royalty.

Purple 3D Butterfly Tattoo

With rich colors and beautifully intricate patterns, purple butterfly tattoos can be especially meaningful for those who seek higher consciousness or an elevated spiritual connection.

Body Placement

  • 3D Butterfly Tattoos on Foot

The foot offers the perfect canvas to create a 3D butterfly tattoo with intricate details and vibrant color.

3D Butterfly Tattoo on Foot

When placed on a foot, this beautiful creature can represent rebirth and transformation—and it’s no wonder, as foot tattoos symbolize the individual who must walk on his\her own through life.

Though the foot isn’t a particularly large surface, it is flat and smooth, making it easy to display tattoos.

  • 3D Butterfly Tattoos on Hand

This location offers a comfortable balance between placement and size, allowing you to get either a small 3D butterfly or a larger one that covers your arm.

3D Butterfly Tattoos on Hand

Whether you’re looking for a black and grey 3D butterfly tattoo or a more multi-colored design, the hand is a great place to make sure that everyone sees it.

3D Butterfly Tattoo on Hand
  • 3D Butterfly Tattoos on Wrist

Wrist tattoos are small enough to be subtle and personal, but they still have an unparalleled wow-factor.

3D Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

Plus, the wrist is a great place to get your first tattoo: it’s easily hidden, very versatile, and will always make you feel just a little bit special.


Everyone likes butterflies.

With its elegant design, the butterfly is a natural choice for a tattoo that looks beautiful in either black-and-white or color.

Butterfly tattoos are symbols of good fortune, joy, freedom, beauty, transformation, and love.

Their color helps us express ourselves in a way that we can’t with other tattoo ideas.

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